Let’s catch the beauty together!

How to use your phone on maximum to shoot masterpieces?
How to tell a visual story?
How to create composition?

My photowalks are just a way to spend time creatively outside, exploring the beauty of the surroundings – no stress at all.

I will help you to tune yourself for shooting, and share some tips on how to “catch” the lines, shadows and colours.

These walks are not so much about technique, but about the creative process: experiencing the world around you more closely, capturing what’s under the surface and creating compelling visual stories.

Obviously, I will share some technical tips, but the main intention is to be more intentional and creative in your approach to photography, and to be present in the moment.

We will explore a mix of nature and architecture photography.
Each class is in English, but I will in Spanish if that helps you.

I will be your guide and mentor rather than a classic teacher. We finish each walk with a drink and chat with your photo fellows.

You don’t need to be an experienced photographer or artist to join these walks.

Most people who join aren’t.

The only thing you need is motivation and being curious about the world around you.

Mobile phones (whatever version) to any camera, all are welcome. I use an iPhone myself for all my photo walks and -shoots.

I organize photo walks regularly, currently in Tenerife. But if you want to organize a photo walk with me in a different location or on another day, private 1:1 or with a small group of friends, you can contact me for options and a quotation.