Discovering the hidden beauty around the world through the lens of my camera.

I’m an Ukrainian photographer & visual artist, based in Tenerife.
Minimalism — it’s my style, whatever I shoot: architecture, streets, landscape, people. I would rather call it pure simplicity.

See the beauty, feel the moment, let it happen…

This is what I live by, and I like to share this with people around me.

Through my art – that I make available to people in commissioned shoots and by providing prints of my photographs that you can order.

I also organize photo walks – my most favorite part – as we will discover the beauty in every day locations together; in a small group of people or 1 on 1.

You don’t need to be an experienced photographer or artist to join these walks. The only thing you need is motivation and being curious about the world around you. And maybe comfortable shoes:)

I will help you to tune in for shooting by focussing on the present moment. So you can discover and catch the ‘hidden’ beauty that’s all around you.

It’s a muscle I developed during my professional sports career, and it’s also incredibly helpful for the creative process.
In the end, an eye is just a muscle which can be “trained”. And photo walk is one the best trainings. Trust me – I’m a former pro-athlete:)